A Simple Introduction 

I’m here, speaking to you, because I’ve realised that the knowledge I have could actually help other people or at the very least amuse them and open their minds to the possibilities (looks meaningfully into the distance)

What are you on about? I can see that question floating there. I’m a woman who has studied a range of martial arts all of her life (20 years or so and I’m in my 20s), not to mention the human psyche (see more in about). I was born into the warrior clan shall we say. My dad was a fighter and is now a coach, my brother a professional fighter.

Who knows what would have happened if, when I was an innocent little girl, minding my own business, drawing all over my face with mum’s lipstick, dad hadn’t have asked. Do you want to learn how to fight?  Yeah, ok daddy.

This started the chain of events that have led me to this moment. Dragonlady (or lady dragon). Was my dad’s fond pet name for me when I did well in training. I’ve fought in the cage under it.

I can therefore offer advice both for those people wanting to win the fight against themselves using the martial code of life (fitness, health and motivation) as well as those actually wanting to compete in combat sports. It’s a brutal world out there. Learn the martial code, live and think as a fighter and you can survive pretty much anything.

But my talk is straight. I’ll take you to the core of things.


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