A Girl Fighter…..Ha , Why?

Why? I could turn around and smartly fire back why the f*** not?  But ultimately I promise my own theories based on my knowledge of evolutionary anthropology.

So fight or flight is the universal instinct. But for women I believe there is one dominating circumstance where aggression and fighting with great ferocity naturally manifests. Across almost all mammal if not animal species. The maternal instinct. The drive to protect your offspring at all costs. It’s a big investment for us . Nine months off the market, huge investment when born etc. (FYI have no kids and in my mind think I’ll always be too young for them).

Competition for resources as well though gathering saw a bit less action than hunting I reckon.

Being a female fighter and teaching women martial arts is a wonderfully empowering thing. In this day and age, traditional gender stereotypes still exist. When you’re a fighter you have the confidence to know you are there to perform your craft regardless of that. Defying convention. You are an equal. And everyone is human. The big, scary, tough guys aren’t so big and scary anymore. They’re your friends, your brothers and they view you with respect. Because you follow that same martial code. And you don’t have to sacrifice your femininity to conform to what the stereotype of a fighter is either.

I’ve heard it all “aren’t you worried about your pretty face?”, “sure that’s a good idea?”, “why would you want to do that?”, “oh bet you could beat me up”. All born out of ignorance.

I want girls not to feel too scared to pursue something because it’s dominated by men or doesnt fit the image she has of herself. Life is not one size fits all.

That is just as true for boys who fall in love with something in a field dominated by women. JUST AS VALID.

Fighter living is all about not accepting boundaries, not accepting stereotypes.

Accepting everyone. Respect is key. 

Has anyone reading this experienced stereotyping or fear of pursuing people because it’s not what they’re “supposed” to do? It’s not “natural”? Please share your message, leave a comment.


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