Why Fight at All?

There will be some who argue that there is no reason for it at all. Consciously, yes. But there is a reason why fighting back, fighting adversity is equated to having “spirit”. It’s part of our essence. Denying it is like denying a part of ourselves.

Why? Well by study I’m a scientist. Humans evolve behaviours for a reason. It is key to our survival. I have theories for fighting being very natural indeed.

Most people with a basic knowledge of Biology will have heard of the “fight or flight” response. The response regulated by that well known hormone adrenaline. It causes a number of responses in the body to prepare us either to get away from a threat (Tyrannosaurus Rex, jokz we weren’t around yet), or to fight it. Ultimately this is an instinctive reaction.

But it has far more complex implications than just that. Status, control, communication. For a number of reasons that I will go into further down the line.

When Bruce lee said the famous words:

“Martial arts is a way of truly expressing myself”

(my motto by the way), I believe this was what he referred to. Martial expression of the body is natural and instinctive. Yet this is something which in today’s society is restricted and repressed. It’s ridiculous, terrible, animalistic. Beneath us. Well news flash. We are animals. Strength and power is still revered. A fighter’s philosophy has a place in life. Martial arts can give it expression in its purest form.

Control of that fighting instinct also translates into zen and bushido . The benefits to your body and mind are innumerable which you will come to see, take away with you and hopefully share

It can also have gender specific origins for which I have my own theories.

Why men specifically might have evolved reasons to fight will seem obvious. Aggression in the pursuit of dominance, dominance of resources and mates, competition to secure these and their social position. Primarily against other males and in protection of their home and family.  Not to mention the use of aggression and submission in hunting. The killer instinct so to speak.

But why would a woman want or need to fight? I’m a woman. What’s in it for me? Take your fine self over to the next post and I’ll share my theories on that.

PLEASE do feel free to comment, follow, like and share. Do you think that the concept of fighting has any relevance in today’s world? Or is it obsolete? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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