Getting the Perfect Body- Why you must know you’re already there

So in the course of this blog I certainly intend to shed light on fitness, weight loss and conditioning.

But listen please.

The best place to start in the pursuit of the “perfect body” is understanding that you’re perfect already. Your body is an incredible machine with a high capacity to heal and be moulded into a tool for action accomplishing incredible things (dance, martial arts, gymnastics, climbing, swimming – you name it). It can also be moulded into any level of fitness and beauty you desire. Muscles can be grown and suddenly appear, fat can disappear. Miraculously without you even realising it, particularly when you live the martial way. It’s up to you!

You can work on it, refine it, focusing on process not product. This keeps you enjoying the ride and not giving up because you’re worried about the destination.

Think of your body in whatever state it’s in, as a beautiful slab of marble , obsidian? Pick any beautiful stone alright I’m not being prejudiced . All of that marble is beautiful and valuable right? Even though the intention of the sculptor is to chip away at it and create a certain image. Refine it.

See it as a process. And accept that the raw material you have to work with is already gorgeous. No one generally looks for a pile of shit and thinks. Yes. I want to turn this into a sculpture. You’re not turning something ugly into something beautiful. You’re turning something beautiful into something different and potentially more beautiful.

Begin with self love and your motivation will be positive, inspiring and self perpetuating.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. See you later you walking works of art 😉


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