Motivation in the Morning- Get Up

We all know the feeling. You have great intentions. Don’t we all? The screech of your alarm drags you to life like some idiot scraping their nails across a chalkboard.

Yeah you’re going to change your life by waking up at an ungodly hour. Get shit done. Do that run/workout. But your duvet kingdom seems so much more reasonable. More sleep is better for me. I might as well sink back into my face full of hair and be fresh so I can do it tomorrow . Sunshine, you’re lying to yourself. 
The question is why should you get up? As all you motivational info junkies know. It’s often less your what and more your why that spurs you into action like the whip of a wet towel (why do men think this is a hilarious by the way? Like all of a sudden Spider-Man has a new weapon).
I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but studies have shown that willpower is a limited resource. Cue famous paper on radishes and chocolate cookies. Some of you might be familiar with that one. This was an experiment conducted by Baumeister (if you want to check out the full article it’s at the bottom of the post) whereby there were two groups. One was told to eat radishes and the other chocolate cookies. They were then given puzzles to solve. What do you think happened? The radish eaters had to use self restraint and therefore their willpower before looking at the puzzles whilst the cookie group did not. The radish eaters persisted a lot less with the puzzles and gave up sooner. Shit day for them really.
So what’s my point?
What this means is that when you wake up your willpower stores are full, you have the most chance of actually being productive there and then. As you trundle along, making the effort to go through your day, doing things you have to do, this eats away at your willpower store like your cat when you leave your food on the table. That’s why it’s often so difficult to go to the gym, complete an assignment etc. After work.
Another little note about your brain. Your primordial brain only cares about survival and safety, that’s why the loud alarm wakes you up. But sensing no immediate danger it sees no need to get up and waste valuable energy. But your neocortex is the bit of the brain that makes you, you. The one making the decisions. 
When you hear that voice telling you not to get up. Recognise that this is a pre recorded survival instinct circuit playing in your brain and you don’t actually have to listen to it!! Get up. Ask yourself honestly, will there ever be a time you regret waking up early to workout? Didn’t think so.
Ok so all this looks at what happens if you get up or sleep. Bit binary, and life’s not like that. What if the worst happens and you hit snooze? There’s a blog post for that. Up next my friends.
What helps you to get up early? Comment below, share your thoughts.

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