How To Know When You’re Overtraining and Why It Should Be Avoided Like the Plague

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I have indeed moved to the lovely

So that it’s a bit easier for you to find my new site, I’ve decided to post “trailers” to my new posts on here.  To subscribe, so you know about new blog posts when they pop up (along with free information and offers if you so choose to indulge etc. that is yet to be revealed- oooooh), please fill the no frills subscribe box at the top right corner of the site. It asks for your e-mail, nothing else. You can unsubscribe at any time. Super easy.

So I’ve posted this new chunky article on overtraining, how to know when you’re overtraining and why it’s important not to fall into that trap. In this age of you can do anything, you don’t need sleep or rest society, we believe that we should put in our 200% regardless of how we do it. if we get worse from working too hard, we assume it’s because we’re not working hard enough! So it becomes a vicious cycle. But putting in the effort can mean training in a varied and more considerate way, not training for the sake of it in mass volume. Please click on the link below to see the full post:

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